About Us

Strato Integrated is the Malaysian affiliated company of Strato Group Limited and is mandated to carry out the full suite of services offered by Strato Integrated in both corporate and financial advisory services in the Malaysian market.

Strato Integrated is one of the top independent financial advisors and energy Mergers & Aquisition firms in the world. Founded in 1981 as an independent investment bank providing focused, seasoned advice on the development and financing of Energy, Industrial and Infrastructure projects.

Both entities enjoy the same resources in manpower and access to established financial institutions to carry out advisory and placement projects.

  • Top 10 Global Financial Advisor every year since 1996
  • 36 years of proven success
  • US210 Billion of Financing & Investments structured
  • 580 Projects in Energy & Infrastructure
  • 100 countries of Strato Integrated experience
Deals Of The Year Awards

To be a regional recognized consulting company in the field of professional financial advisory and talent development

Development of skilled workers in specialized industries
Framework for business development and proficiency

Confidentiality,honour and expediency in all endeavors